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Recently Introduced New Features

Winter 2009/2010

Urgent Messages

Send SMS Text and Twitter messages to parents. Our standard Bulk Mailing tools have been enhanced to allow messages to be sent as SMS Text or via Twitter, particularly useful for "School closed" messages to all parents, but also targetable to specific parents where a fixture is cancelled, or to remind parents about an event such as a Parent Evening.

Parents are now reminded to check their details periodically (usually at the beginning of each term) to ensure that Email, Mobile and other contact details are "current" (any changes can be transferred to other systems). Emergency contact information is available to staff conducting trips or at away fixtures etc.

Summer 2009

Fixture Confirmation Page

To encourage parents to check the fixture on-line (e.g. after 12 noon on the day of the match) the "Pupil picked to play" Email contains a link to the website which displays a page specific to the fixture showing status, etc. No login is required to view the page (it contains no child information) and thus makes it easy to check fixture status before setting off. It is designed to be printed - with Map / directions etc. for away fixtures - and as such also includes the fixture list for the remainder of the term.

Spring 2009

Fridge List

Showing just the events that a parent's child(ren) are involved in, suitable for sticking on the fridge door!.

Multiple Email addresses

Parents can now have multiple email addresses - e.g. Home and Work; announcements are sent to all their addresses.

Off Games

Enhancements to the Off-games module.

Autumn 2008

Contact Details for Fixture

The Fixture Maintenance page now has a link to show the Contact Details for parents. This allows parents to be contacted easily - for example if the fixture is cancelled. An Email can be sent, or the Email addresses copied to your normal Email program, or the parents can be telephoned.

Adding Pupils to a Group

Pupils can be added to a Group based on another group. For example, to set up the U10 Swimming Squad you can view the general U10 Sports Group, or the Year 5 group; checkboxes against each pupil will show who is in / out of the Swimming Squad group, and you can select / deselect others.

Year End procedures introduced

We have introduces a major new module to handle the year end. This advances all pupils to the next year group, where appropriate. So Year 3 will move to Year 4, and Under 9 sports group pupils will move to Under 10. New processes have been allow to Review, Report and Adjust these movements before they are actually committed.

Email a Member

When viewing the Member Maintenance page there is now a facility to Email the member. A number of canned emails are available (send invitation to the web site, send lost password reminder, etc.) or an ad-hoc Email can be sent. This is useful when sorting out a parent's connectivity problem, or after adding a new parent.

Multiple Email addresses

Parents can now add additional Email addresses (e.g. Work as well as Home) and all Email communications will be sent to all Email addresses.

Selected Players Positions

The function to select players for a Fixture now allows their position to be entered, and also and "notes" (e.g. "Captain" or "Oranges" / "First aid"). These are shown on the Team Sheet report.