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Welcome to TheSchoolWorks

TheSchoolWorks site is intended to provide easy communication between School and Parents, and also to the school's "wider family". This is a service available to all schools, so if you know of a school that could benefit please Contact Us

Why TheSchoolWorks?

Our initial aim was to build a web site to assist Old Buckenham Hall School in communicating with parents. We also intend to offer the same services to other schools to help them improve their communication, and reduce work and cost.

We aimed to:

  • Reduce the number of parents phoning the school on Match Days to ask if their child is in a team, and to allow visiting parents to find directions and confirmation of match times. At present these questions take up valuable staff time to answer.
  • Save the school money by reducing/removing the need to send forms out in the post.
  • Assist the school to request information from parents. The amount of staff Ďadminí time will be vastly reduced.

Since then we have broadened that aim to include facilities that are common to school websites so that they can be maintained as a "package" - a single bug fix benefits all, as does an added feature; this allows schools to maintain their core website more cheaply by not having to commission and implement such features.

What Does TheSchoolWorks Site Do?

Visitors to the school can obtain information about Going's On. This typically includes:

  • News
  • Announcements
  • Calendar
    • Events
    • Fixtures
    • "Find us" information
      • Driving directions map
      • School site map
      • Locations of pitches and which-team-is-playing-where-today

Parents (after Logging On) have access to the Parents' Section which is a secure area showing additional information including:

  • Calendar - highlighted to show activities that their children are involved in, Team lists for Fixtures, and Match Reports
  • Forms - Forms which can be completed on-line - such as "Request for Tickets for the School Play" or "Authorisation for a school outing"
  • Documents - Both General and Specific purpose documents - such as perennial School Uniform lists, and details of one-off documents such as a School Outing
  • Gallery - Pictures posted by the school
  • Articles - Content-management of adhoc pages for your site - e.g. results from Sports Day, or pupil write-up of a school trip
  • Noticeboard - Standing and Adhoc notices for individual year groups
  • Directory - Contact details of other parents, and the ability to send a message to another parent

Staff (after Logging On) have access to a secure area allowing data to be maintained and updated:

  • Members - Parents, Pupils, Former Parents & Pupils, Governors, "Friends of the School", etc.
  • Messaging - send messages to Parent Groups - either the whole school or just, for example, the Parents of Children in Form 3C
    • Messages can comprise one/both of:
      • EMail sent as either plain text of carefully formatted text
      • SMS Text messages - with a summary of the EMail, or instead for urgent messages such as Match Cancellations, School closures etc
  • Fixtures and Events - set up the Date, Details of the Event or Fixture, and from this the Calendar is displayed
  • Team Lists - Pick pupils for a match, and then Parents of the children picked will receive an Email
    • Print Team Sheet report; Off-games report; Away-players Kit report
  • Arrange Fixtures - streamlines the process of arranging matches with other schools
    • Email "offer dates" to prospective opponents
    • Email "Match Confirmation" with details of Time and Location etc.
    • EMail "Match Reminder"
  • Match Reports - enter the Score and Match Report and then Parents can view them on the website, rather than having to visit the noticeboard at the school
  • Documents and Gallery - Upload Documents and Pictures; these can be flagged as available for viewing by Anyone, or just Parents, etc
  • Forms - Set up the questions for a Form, and the Group(s) to which it is applicable. Members of the Group then receive an EMail invitation to fill in the form on-line.
    • Chase List - initially a Chase Email will be sent, but Admin Staff can chase manually using the Chase List of incomplete forms
    • Responses Report - Printout of each person's answers
    • Data download - extract the data to, e.g. Excel, so that it can be processed further
  • Reports
    • School Booklet
      • Extract data in a format suitable for a printed booklet
        • Calendar - Events and Fixtures
        • Team Fixture list - by Team / Sport / Year group etc
        • Pupil list - with Form / Date of birth, etc
    • Year Book - exported in a format suitable for inclusion in the Year Book
      • Match Scores and Reports
      • Former Pupil News
      • etc

Former Pupils can register their contact details, and keep in touch with former classmates. The School can contact Former Pupils to retain a link with them, which can be helpful for reunion and fundraising events

Groups within the school, such as Governors and "Friends of the School" can use their own section of the site to keep in touch, and broadcast messages etc.