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About TheSchoolWorks

Dear Parents and Teachers,

I am a parent with two children at independent boarding schools; I have been the Technical Director of a number of software companies since the late 1970's and since 2000 I have been involved predominantly with software for web sites, including large e-Commerce systems.

In 2007 my two children were aged 8 and 14, and as the number of matches I had the opportunity to attend increased I felt that the information available on their schools' website needed improving. After a fruitless search for some software which might help the schools, and a discussion with the Headmaster, I offered to build a system for them. The school (Old Buckenham Hall) kindly agreed to help me market the result.

During the Autumn 2007 Term we implemented Phase I, replacing the manual e-mailing of parents on match days with an automated system, and providing parents with an up-to-date Web-Calendar showing accurate timings and location of fixtures, and also the results and match reports. During the Winter holiday all the staff were trained so that from the Spring 2008 Term they have been able to manage their data themselves. We have added improvements since, and have rolled-out new features before the start of each term.

I am now committed to delivering solutions that help Schools and their Parents.
A significant part of that will be by the support which TheSchoolWorks provides - I do not think it is reasonable for schools to be able to manage such systems solely on their own; staff have short time slots between lessons to fit in player-selection for fixtures and parent-communication duties. To get all the data "just right" is not something that every school is going to be able to do reliably by themselves all the time. So TheSchoolWorks will help with that, either to a larger or smaller extent, depending on the school's abilities and resources. In addition TheSchoolWorks will build, maintain and enhance the software as part of a continuous-improvement program.

My experience over the years has been that many of the good ideas come from the users, and I look forward to the challenge of implementing them.

I hope that TheSchoolWorks can help you and your school too; my contact details are below, or please use our Contact Us page.


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